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It All Begins With An Effective Website

Remember when you hired the best website manager you could find to build you a 'brochure' (1-3 page) internet site?  In those days it was almost a status symbol to have one!

Those days are gone yet so many small businesses don't realize this.  Those websites are not seen by any potential customers. How could they be?  They are lost in the high traffic internet highway of 46 billion such sites.  But not yours, not anymore.

The best websites are not always the prettiest. The fanciest. Or even the most technical.  Nope, the best websites are the Most Effective!  They build your business

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"Content Is King", But You Don't Have Time To Write

There are two huge mistakes being made on the internet.  The first is the 'brochure' website.  You know the type.  It's 1-3 pages of pure advertising of a local business.

Think about it.  Would you waste your time searching for a commercial?

But good writing takes time, you say?  You don't have to write entire articles.  We'll take care of the heavy work,  you send us your photos and thoughts and we'll get right to work.  We even send you reminders and articles for your approval

The second mistake is not understanding why visitor's use the internet.  It's to solve a problem.  Most internet searchers don't even know your business's name!  They are looking for a solution, not an ad.

And here is where your website flies high above the others.  You understand why your customer comes to your business.  You know what they are looking for.  Together, we'll write pages in your website that show potential customers why you can help them.  Think about it, if you need 10 pages to answer 10 questions your customers have problems with, then that's 10 times more exposure in the search engines.

Now, what if you know the top 50 questions your customers ask?...

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Built Right In

Search Engine Optimization is nothing more than giving the major directories, like Google, information the way they want it so that they believe you are valuable enough to be predominately listed.

Did you know that in order to get the best placement in search engines like Google and Bing, you need to look at 200 offsite indicators (SEO information bits)  and 300 onsite ones?

And that has to be repeated on every page!  Think of these indicators as 'points'.  The small business with the most points wins!  But, to make the game more interesting, Google used to change their algorithm (the program that scores those points) 200 times a year.  Now they've been making over 1000 changes in each of the past two years!  When do you have the time to keep up?

Your effective website has great SEO built right into the design.  It doesn't stop there, it can't.  Changes are constantly being made to keep your small business website working to bring in potential new business.

Best Website Manager Tip:
Don't pay for SEO from a separate vendor.  Your entire website should be optimized for search engines in its design. Plus, its an ongoing process.  It can't be done for a few months and then stopped

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Social Media Is Today's "Word of Mouth"

Everyone says that "My best advertising is word of mouth".  Sure it is.  But, how long are you going to wait until that one grateful customer tells enough people to bring scores of business to you?

Now, what if we found a way to keep customers thinking about your business, even before they need your product or service?  When the time comes to buy, they already know your name.

Think of it as 'word of mouth' times 100!  It gets you better known, you become familiar, and we can help keep you 'interesting'.

If you don't think this works, just look around... anywhere.  How many potential customers do you see staring at their phones... on facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Shouldn't you have a presence there, too?

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Stay Ahead of Your Competition

I've heard it said that "My website doesn't do much for me."  It was built two years ago and no one sees it.  And, therefore websites must not be very good at bringing in customers.

In the last two years, your competitor has gotten smarter, much smarter.  Today, they know what SEO is, how to "rank", what review scores do for a business, etc.

So, I do two competitive analysis.  One of your current website, and I look at your competitors.

What do you need to beat them?  I start every website build with a competitive analysis.  And, I complete one every few months.  Why?  Because your competition is hiring their own webmasters and marketers.  Part of our marketing plan is knowing what they are doing, and placing your business at their 'internet front door', standing right next to their customer, too.

After all, when a potential customer is looking for whatever you have, its you I want them to buy from.  Wouldn't you agree?

Best Website Manager Tip:
Although it costs time and money to prepare an analysis of your own website, always ask your potential new webmaster to run one for you. Then ask them to do it for free!

Click for my page called "Why Run A Competitive Analysis?"

Get Hundred's Of Extra Business Listings

When was the last time you saw someone under age 30 ask for the "Yellow pages book"?  It just isn't done anymore.

How about local newspapers?  Magazines?  Consolidated 'junk mail'?

Those out of date directories have been replaced by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and a multitude of internet directories.  Now you can be found on review sites, geo-location sites, fan sites and hobby blogs.

The Best Website Manager finds where your customer's are visiting and places your name, address, phone and website info on those sites.  Think of it as an additional billboard - hundreds of them over time, placed along the internet highway. All ready for someone to pick up their smartphone, and call you.

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This Secret MUST Belong To YOU

Shhhh, don't tell anyone.  The biggest mistake I see small business owners make is not staying in touch with their customers when the customer is more than willing to hear what you have to say.  It's amazing.  A satisfied customer will go out of their way to become your friend.

I'll show you just how this little piece of golden info is worth the weight of your monthly subscription to The Best Website Manager all by itself! Just fill out the form for my free newsletter and I'll send you just how you can use this tactic to supercharge your business now.

Best Website Manager Tip:
You must make e-mail collection an important part of your business' everyday operations.  It has the highest return on investment over any other form of advertising.  And unlike facebook or Google, it can't be taken away from you

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Bad Reviews Now? = Great Testimonials Later

76% of people research what they want to purchase on the internet.

84% believe what other people write about you. Your reviews and testimonials.

And that double edge sword can bring you much more success. Or it can be hurting you now and you don't even know it.

How can reviews hurt?

You know those review sites, like yelp, yellowpages, merchant circle, etc. They may already have reviews from your former customers that felt a little unsatisfied... or worse. Do you even know they exist? You need to. Those customers that went to your competitor know.  But, it can be fixed.

How can reviews help?

Great reviews build your reputation, and increase that 'word of mouth' advertising. You'll be recommended by friends to their friends and even people they don't even know.

And that, my friend, is why Reputation Management must be built into your website marketing plan.  Besides creating those wanted backlinks that the search engines love to track, its a big part of what allows you to be listed in search engines over your competitors.

Best Website Manager Tip:
Getting a customer to give you a positive review is difficult, unless you know the magic trick. With my set-up, you can easily get a hundred reviews posted in the most important places.

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It's Time To Get With The Times... Now

Small Businesses need help. The Best Website Manager knows that your total marketing strategy must center on your website and its ability to bring customers to you.

Now, thousands every month will see your promotions and learn about your products & services. They'll feel good about you, instead of your competitor

Isn't it time you turned your small business website into a central hub of marketing activity?  Imagine exciting your employees, engaging current customers, and attracting new customers... all without spending thousands per month like larger companies do.

What Your Business Website Should Do?
(Hire The Best Website Manager To Accomplish This)

There are 3 things your Website must do for you

  1. Bring New Customers into your location to buy goods & services that you provide
  2. Build Brand Loyalty so that current customers return more frequently and increase your sales
  3. Showcase more of your goods and/or services so that customers increase their purchases by taking advantage of all you have to offer

How Can You Make Your Business Website Successful?

First and foremost your website must be found. Simply building a webpage does not guarantee that any potential customer will see it.  As a matter of fact, the average small business website gets fewer than 9 visitors a day.  Many get less than 9 per month!

To do that, these Five things must be done

  1. Research what keywords people use to search online for your product or service. Then discover what competition you have for those words. Choosing wisely will get your website indexed properly
  2. Build a website around your keyword strategy and your local market. This is one of the differences between an average site and a high traffic one
  3. Get listed in directories and search engines that make sense for your business.  Back links form high quality websites give you high scores with the major search engines!  It's extremely important to do this the correct way to avoid search engine penalties
  4. Get people talking about you. Yesterday's 'Word of mouth' advertising is today's social media. But there is an effective way to use sites like Facebook and Twitter
  5. Keep your customers focused on your business with your own newsletter or e-zine.  Its your opportunity for talking about yourself, sharing new features and getting future promotions to those who want it most - and inexpensively.

Next, get your customer engaged

Customers that give you feedback do two things:

  1. Let you know exactly how to improve your business over your competitor
  2. Become your most valued cheerleader (and spread that 'word of mouth')

Turn your average customer into a brand building spokesperson for you

Get Your Employees Involved

Turn your employees into super business-building salesperson with just 15 minutes per week (They become raise-worthy and don't even realize it)

Choose the best website manager to show you exactly how to best utilize your strengths of your company and employees (even if its just you) to accomplish the most for the least amount of money.

Use Your Website As The Center of Your Marketing Strategy

Its Effective!   It Saves You Money!    It puts you where your customers are today!

Stay in touch with your customers using a simple, time saving yet effective marketing plan.  Its will be the lowest cost of advertising to your customers that you will have all year

Your Small Business + Our Website System and Service = Your best tool for all your internet small business marketing needs

Yes, I can be your best website manager, but I'm also your internet marketing firm, your online marketing company, your partner in growing your small business.